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 ‚ÄčOur carpet and upholstery cleaning method involves an initial pre-spot solution, followed by a thorough rinse that removes surface and sub-surface dirt and debris. We then do an extraction process that results in a minimal drying time. With our professional service, your carpet and/or furniture will be clean and smelling fresh! No need to worry, our products are safe for both children and pets 



 Although we handle a large variety of repair services, one of the most common is the bonded insert (patch). Our well-trained technicians use specialized tools that effectively remove burns, stubborn stains, and tears.  We are able to use existing carpet and/or remnants to seam and patch the areas of concern. This leaves a flawless repair, while saving money on carpet replacement.

Some of our other repair services include: stretching, metal threshold replacement, tack strips,  padding replacement, pet treatments for urine/feces, and odor control devices.



 Tile and Grout cleaning is a process of applying a solvent based solution to help break-up and loosen unwanted soil and grime. We then apply a scrubber and vacuum to remove the discolored appearance, leaving  it noticeably fresh and clean. 

Our Tile and Grout services include Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Lobbies. Anything where tile and grout exist we can make a fresh, clean new look!



 Water Damage is a common occurrence that is caused by many natural and un-natural circumstances. Some of these may include: weather, frozen/thawing pipes, A/C lines, water heater breakage, system backups, or washer lines. Fortunately, we can handle all of these occurrences! We have the manpower, machinery, and knowledge to get the situation under control. After the initial water extraction is performed, we will treat the area with a preventative to help inhibit the growth of mildew/mold. The drying process will begin with the strategic placement of various equipment. This entire process will usually only take 2-3 days depending on the severity of water damage. Once dry, your home is back to normal! 



 Dryer Vent cleaning is often an overlooked item on the to do list. AND is one of the biggest causes of fires. This is due to the fact that the culprit is unseen, yet it is costing you money. Do you notice that your clothes take 2-3 or more cycles to dry in your dryer?

The dust and lint that accumulate in your system has to go somewhere. No, not all of it vents outside like it is suppose too. This material gets trapped and clogged up inside of the dryer vent lines and ducts that run from behind your drying unit. There also the possibility that a bird or some other creature has made a little nest inside of that warm, safe tubing. This significantly reduces that amount of airflow and exhaust necessary to properly dry clothing effectively.

‚ÄčLuckily for you, we have the tools and know how to clean these areas. We will even show you the debris that has been collected by our system. You will see a noticeable difference in your dryers efficiency, and most likely your wallet.  



 Our leather care process is specially formulated to deep clean and protect leather from staining and soiling. It effectively emulsifies and dissolves dirt that builds up over time without the use of harsh chemicals. We include a leather protectant, which is an essential component to keep the leather feeling soft and supple, and guard it from cracking and premature aging. This care technique makes routine cleaning and maintenance much easier while keeping it looking like new.

When you call to schedule, do not forget to ask us about our additional service to revitalize the natural moisture and oils .